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About Digital Ideation Group

We utilize emerging technologies to help local businesses increase their revenue by generating more leads, customers, and sales!

Dean Newton and Sherri Sanderson founded Digital Ideation Group after they saw local businesses scrambling to communicate quickly and directly to their customers and prospects at a time when business hours, services, and products offered were impacted and changing.  Many businesses did not have customer lists to be able to communicate with quickly and directly via email and texting.  They have more than 40+ years of combined experience in the information technology arena.

Dean & Sherri saw businesses losing existing customers and having difficulty bringing in new customers.  Local business owners were quickly trying to adapt and learn digital marketing and outreach, while at the same time remaining focused on their core business operations.

They founded Digital Ideation Group to enable business owners and staff to focus on their core business operations, while they take care of the digital footprint, marketing, list building, and outreach to existing and potential customers.

We at Digital Ideation Group plant and tend to the seeds that will help local businesses maintain, thrive, and grow!
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