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One-on-One Reiki Sessions

A Reiki session can help reduce stress, tension, and also help the body to facilitate an environment for physical, mental, and emotional healing. If this is your first session, I’ll go over the process and what you can expect. Each session builds from the previous one. You’ll remain fully clothed while you lay down on the massage table face up. We’ll begin the session by testing your seven chakras. This will help better guide and personalize your Reiki session.

The actual Reiki session begins after your chakras have been tested. I will then be guided by experience and intuition. The following additional “tools” might be used during your Reiki session depending on your preferences:

  • Vibration mat
  • Weighted blanket
  • Reflexology
  • Personalized mantras or affirmations
  • Essential oils
  • Guided meditation or visualization
  • Sound therapy
  • Crystals
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Long Distance Reiki Sessions

Long distance Reiki can be just as effective as “in person” Reiki. After all, Reiki is energy, and energy is not limited to the confines of time and space. According to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, we are all connected as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. Invoking this law allows me to link up to the energy field of the client.

Here is how a long distance session works:

  • Before the session: we video chat for 5 - 10 minutes
  • During the session: I perform the Reiki session on you at a distance for about 45 minutes after testing your chakras
  • After the session: we video chat for 10 - 15 minutes where I let you know what chakras were open/closed and we discuss ways to keep your life energy healthy and vibrant
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Reiki Training

Are you interested in becoming a Reiki therapist? Many people have benefited so much from Reiki that they decide to become practitioners. The practitioner acts as a conduit to guide the flow of energy to bring about self healing in the client. This ability is passed on during an “attunement” given by one of our Reiki masters and enables the student to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve health, wellness, and quality of life for themselves and others.

The process of becoming a certified Reiki therapist has three degrees:
  • First degree: students learn hand placements, self-care, and how to share Reiki with one another; the Reiki master initiates students so that they become empowered conduits for Reiki energy
  • Second degree: students learn distant healing and how to replace the hand-to-body contact with a mental connection in order to be ready when touch is impossible or inappropriate
  • Third level: how to become a Reiki master; this is by invitation only and involves an apprenticeship with a more experienced Reiki master 
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Experience the Power of Reiki

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